Insurance and Blockchain

Great potential in insurance market
Insurance premium income reached 4.8 trillion USD globally in 2017. In China, the number is 4 trillion RMB (616.6 billion USD) and grows at over 20% every year. Insurance market in China is expanding rapidly along with the economy.
Problems Insurance is facing
Lack of direct channels, ineffective legacy systems, redundant staff and high management cost within insurance companies. Misleading marketing and fraudulent claims caused by information asymmetry. Complicated and confusing policy terms
The natural conformity between Insurance and Blockchain
Blockchain is featured with transparency, immutability and unforgeability. Smart contract enabled by blockchain is in consistency with insurance policies. So blockchain has a great chance to become the underlying technology for next-generation insurance.

What is InsurChain?

InsurChain is started by XLAB Foundation LTD.,a non-profit foundation organization founded in 2018 in Singapore. InsurChain will become the provider of the global blockchain infrastructure for all insurance markets around the world and a blockchain-based insurance ecosystem. On one hand, we will build an enterprise-level blockchain-based platform, on the other hand, we will also build scalable Dapps to support the system. We will leverage blockchain to address the pain point in insurance and improve operating efficiency of the entire industry. InsurChainCoin (INSUR) is the crypto token used in the InsurChain ecosystem. Users can exchange InsurCoin for various functions of InsurChain. Other that, InsurCoin can also be used as an asset in certain transactions on the platform.

InsurChain Products

InsurChain Applications

Personalized insurance

Insurance market

Automatic claim

Index insurance

InsurChain Ecosystem

Every blockchain enthusiast and developer for insurance is welcome to join the InsurChain Ecosystem and develop InsurChain-based applications.Every consumer can upload his idea and customize a policy for himself.Every third-party company can provide services for users within the ecosystem.Insurers can launch next-generation policies on InsurChain and leverage the underlying technologies.

Latest News


InsurChain Timeline

  • Phase One (May 2015 to Sep. 2017)

    The InsurChain team has visited hundreds of insurance companies and tech startups in a dozen countries and regions and conducted thorough surveys about the global development of digital insurance and InsurTech. During this period, InsurChain team has released several well-received industry reports based on its surveys and invested in some promising InsurTech startups. Blockchain has also been brought up during this period and an idea of combing insurance and blockchain was being conceived.

  • Phase Three (Jan. 2018 to Aug. 2018)

    We will launch the first application in InsurChain ecosystem, BizGuard. Users and developers from all over the world will be able to design and purchase insurance solutions in the ecosystem. Meanwhile, the InsurChain Blockchain program will be initiated.

  • Phase Two (Sep. 2017 to Dec. 2017)

    The InsurChain Program was formally launched. And we have secured cornerstone investment and Token Offer Plan.

  • Phase Four (Sep. 2018 to Mar. 2019)

    InsurChain Blockchain program will be widely applied in the ecosystem and SelfGuard and PalsGuard will be launched. We are also going to provide interoperability for each program.

InsurChain Progress

InsurChain Wallet developing


InsurChain Wallet developing

InsurChain main test network launched


InsurChain main test network launched

InsurBox test version launched


InsurBox test version launched

InsurChain Team

InsurChain is operated by a multi-national team selected by XLab committee. Members of the team include insurance executives, InsurTech investors, blockchain experts and senior developers. Core members have more than 10 years of experience in insurance and have deep insights in InsurTech.
Shine Yang

Head of the Chinese District

Co-founder of Venture Capital Director Manager at DreamShops

    Frank Lee

    Head of the Chinese District

    Former VP at Taiping Insurance Beijing Branch Founder of Footprint Interactive FMBA at CUHK

      Satou Yousuke

      Founder of XLab Foundation

      Former insurance executive
      Expert of blockchain application in insurance

        Jack Xin

        CTO of the Chinese District

        Leading developer and expert in digitalization solutions for insurance company

          Patrick Yue

          Technician of the Chinese District

          Former leader in Baidu News

            Dong Wu

            Technician of the Chinese District

            Blockchain expert Worked in Yahoo Research Center in China
            Master degree at Tsinghua University

              Xing Liu

              COO of the Chinese District

              Former operational director at Taiping Insurance Beijing Branch

                Xian Xie

                Big Data expert of the Chinese District

                Big Data expert for insurance Leader of Data Center at Taiping Insurance Beijing Branch

                  Advisory Board at InsurChain

                  Li Xiaolai


                  Lin Jiapeng

                  Founder of LinkVC

                  Lu Rongde

                  Founder of Contract Capital

                  Qi Ning

                  Founder of SF.GG, core contributor at Github

                  Zhang Yijia

                  Founding member of Google Assistant, MSc of Computing at CMU

                  Robin Kiera

                  InsurTech thoughtleader, former board consultant at Allianz

                  Cornerstone Investors

                  Contract Capital
                  SkyChee Capital

                  Contact us

                  2 Shenton Way, #15 SGX Centre One,Tanjong Pagar,Singapore 068804