InsurChain Weekly Report (Sep. 18th – Sep. 24th)

Business & Cooperation


  1. InsurBox data update

Data for this week: Weekly Active User: 50.2 thousand, Daily Active User: 33.3 thousand.


InsurChain is a decentralized insurance blockchain platform, committed to building a peer-to-peer insurance market and ensuring the normal operation of this insurance market through a series of rules and mechanisms, and striving to become the world’s largest decentralized insurance blockchain ecosystem.




InsurChain testnet was launched on July 8th. And we are improving the codes and setups every day.


We launched a primary research on TiDB product. It will be the foundation for following services.


TiDB is a distributed database with good compatibility and scalability. It can ensure data consistency and provide self-recovery when errors occur.


TiDB is an open-sourced HTAP database which has combined the features of RDBMS and NoSQL:

  1. Scalability of computing power and storage;
  2. Distributed feature;
  3. High availability for financial level;
  4. Good performance and self-recovery for data;
  5. Generic structure and supporting different key types


We will continue to research TiDB database combined with real world applications.


We will also apply sustainable processing on variables in smart contracts. For example, we will store variables in witness nodes and will be able to search for the data.



Community Partners Project


The weekly review of group leaders has been completed and rewards been delivered. InsurChain Community Partners Project is always an important part of our mission. And the recruit is still ongoing.


How to become a partner: Add InsurChain assistant and send a message “Group leader participation”.


Besides, the campaign for standard node is also ongoing. You can add assistant to know more.




Last week, the trading volumes of INSUR reached 2.611 billion and 373 million daily trade. Among all the trading, the trading volume of INSUR/BTC, INSUR/ETH and INSUR/USDT on OKEx reached 123, 66 and 184 million respectively.




Community data update:

Telegram: members (20868)

Twitter: subscribers (5733)

Weibo: subscribers (1584)

Wechat assistant: friends (3262)


InsurChain official channels:


Twitter: @InsurChain

Weibo: @InsurChain


Wechat Assistant account: InsurChain or InsurWallet

Wechat official account: insur666