InsurChain Weekly Report (Oct 2nd – Oct 8th)

Business & Cooperation


  1. InsurBox data update

Data for this week: Weekly Active User: 45.6 thousand, Daily Active User: 30.1 thousand.


InsurChain is a decentralized insurance blockchain platform, committed to building a peer-to-peer insurance market and ensuring the normal operation of this insurance market through a series of rules and mechanisms, and striving to become the world’s largest decentralized insurance blockchain ecosystem.




InsurChain testnet was launched on July 8th. And we are improving the codes and setups every day.


  1. Oracle

Blockchain usually should be a closed data set. But nowadays, trans-ledger communications are required.

Smart contract is one of the biggest value of blockchain, but it cannot directly gain access to external data, therefore oracle is created. Oracle is the channel between the real world and on-chain world. It can provide external information for a blockchain system and activate smart contract.


  1. InsurChain team will get a third party oracle demo’s alpha version.


It is easy to get information from Internet, but it is completely different in on-chain world. Third party data source is usually a centralized system. The integrity of data will be put in question.


Oracle demo is designed to solve this problem.


Therefore, we have built following functions based on graphene:

  1. Send instructions of requiring for data through wallet;
  2. After the transaction is received in nodes, they will broadcast the required and received data.
  3. Data check.


Blockchain systems with oracle can be applicable in different areas. InsurChain will keep a close watch in oracle’s development.


Community Partners Project


The weekly review of group leaders has been completed and rewards been delivered. InsurChain Community Partners Project is always an important part of our mission. And the recruit is still ongoing.


How to become a partner: Add InsurChain assistant and send a message “Group leader participation”.


Besides, the campaign for standard node is also ongoing. You can add assistant to know more.




Last week, the trading volumes of INSUR reached 3.525 billion and 361 million daily trade. Among all the trading, the trading volume of INSUR/BTC, INSUR/ETH and INSUR/USDT on OKEx reached 121, 63 and 176 million respectively.




Community data update:

Telegram: members (19810)

Twitter: subscribers (5682)

Weibo: subscribers (1583)

Wechat assistant: friends (3270)


InsurChain official channels:


Twitter: @InsurChain

Weibo: @InsurChain


Wechat Assistant account: InsurChain or InsurWallet

Wechat official account: insur666