[Announcement]InsurChain Weekly Report(Jan. 13th- Jan.19th)

InsurChain Weekly Report
(Jan. 13th- Jan.19th)

Business & Cooperation

1. The distributions of InsurChain token (Code: INSUR) of all channels have been completed. The total amount of INSUR is 20 billion, among which, 40% is distributed to investors, 10% to cornerstone investors, 15% to foundation for early stage operation and maintenance, 15% as bonus to those participate in the building of InsurChain ecosystem, 20% to founding and developing team.
INSUR contract address: 0x6ea6531b603f270d23d9edd2d8279135dc5d6773.
INSUR is distributed on the basis of ERC20 of Ethereum, and so will InsurChain be in the early stage application and official application scenarios. When the InsurChain Blockchain and relevant ecosystem are established, all the structure will be migrate to it.
2. INSUR was listed in BiXin exchange (https://coin900.com) on Jan. 17th, and officially started trading in INSUR/ETH at 11:10 a.m. that day. We will launch follow-up activities along with Coin900, stay tuned please. Yang Xuan, head of China for InsurChain, is an early individual investor of BiXin, while Lu Rongde, founder of BiXin, is also a cornerstone investor of InsurChain. InsurChain will implement more cooperation with BiXin in the future.
3. InsurChain team is proactively talking with other exchanges to list INSUR. We will disclose updates on official websites and all other official channels, stay tuned, please.
4. InsurChain has been holding the InsurStar event along with InsurView, a sub-brand of Warp Speed Fintech. InsurStar is designed to select and award the most professional and influential companies and projects in insurance industry. InsurChain will be the exclusive blockchain tech solution provider for InsurStar event. The awarding ceremony will be held on Jan. 31st, in Beijing. Scan the QR code below to read more.
5. Lin Jiapeng and Dong Yuan, InsurChain’s advisors and investors, have participated a blockchain forum in Thailand and made a constructive communication with local professionals. They also have surveyed the local insurance regulation and industry, and discussed about the potential cooperation opportunities with local insurers.

Technology development

1. InsurChain official website has been improved by adding an information disclosure sector. The overall layout also is improved.
2. InsurChain wallet prototype has been designed, on the basis of Ethereum ERC20 protocol, it has features like block record and check, sending and receiving token, insurance application entrance. The prototype has been delivered to developing team and alpha version should be released soon. We are also working on cooperation with insurers.


InsurChain official channels have been set one by one. The campaign for project promoting will getting better. Data is listed below.
Titter: subscribers (785), new (785)
Weibo: subscribers (698), new (698)
Telegram: members (1250), new (1250)
Beechat: members (192), new (192)
Wechat assistant: friends (239), new (239)

InsurChain official channels:
Homepage: www.insurchain.org
Twitter: @InsurChain https://twitter.com/InsurChain
Weibo: @InsurChain https://weibo.com/insurchain
Email: customer@insurchain.org
Wechat Assistant account: InsurChainAssistant


InsurChain has been expanding its team by recruiting blockchain developers, smart contract developers and community managers etc. If you are interested in InsurChain and capable of doing above-mentioned affairs, you can contact our Wechat Assistant to learn more as well as inquire about the recruitment.