Notice on the change of Community Operation Rules (1.25)

Dear users:

Thanks for your support on InsurChain, InsurChain Community has been operating for two weeks. Today we have made a few adjustments:

1. We have opened a Wechat Official Account for our users. You can search for ‘InsurChain’ to subscribe. Updates and notices will be pushed to you via Wechat, along with other channels in the future.

2. InsurChain’s Wecaht assistant service will be moved to ‘InsurChain’ Wechat Official Account. InsurChain assistant will be online for at least 8 hours everyday. You can always reach out to her for services.

3. InsurChain Weekly will be updated at 8 p.m. every Monday. Weekly will release updates on product development, business progress, community operation, and other things. Weekly will be put on channels including InsurChain homepage, Weibo, Twitter, Wechat and Telegram. Join one of the channels to get the latest update.

4. @InsurChain on Twitter will be English-only. We opened official telegram group: We also have opened a Reddit account – u/insurchain, InsurChain Redddit forum will be opened in the future.

5. If you have any questions or suggestions,please contact us through Wechat assistant or send email to We are preparing to build an Insurchain Core Group, you are all welcome to join. Those who make contributions to the community will be rewarded.