InsurChain Weekly Report (May 8th –May 14th)

Ⅰ. Business & Cooperation
1. InsurWallet Spring version update
Weekly Active Users: 173.6 thousand,
Daily Active Users: 90.5 thousand,
Full Web Hashrate: 365.472 million.

V1.6 Development and Test

* Finish the basic development work, and already open to partial user experience.
* Test users’ withdrawal fee decrease to 350INSUR, single minimum withdrawal 200INSUR, daily maximum withdrawal 250000INSUR, single maximum withdrawal 250000INSUR.
* This version will officially launch next week, simultaneously start clearing the hashrate flushing and black market transaction, such users have no access to recharge or withdrawal before the completion of the cleanup

2. Community Partners Project

Community is the user base for an ecosystem, a better community means a better channel for more people to take in InsurChain, and bring more users and constructive feedbacks to the project, so as to promote the ecosystem construction of InsurChain greatly.

Therefore, InsurChain will launch INSUR Community Partners Project soon.

Since the public announcement, we have received a number of join application. This Community Partners Project is a long-term plan, in which all of you can join if interested simply by adding InsurChain Customer Service Assistant in the following days.

We believe that with the release of the InsurChain community rules, more and more members will join us, and only in this way, the project assures to develop in a long-term, healthy and stable manner.

3. InsurChain Team Tokyo Tour

InsurChain team have traveled to Japan to participate in the PnP Japan Insurtech Exchange Conference on May 13th. InsurChain have met up with Japanese insurance companies SOMPO and Nissay, and discussed the potential application of blockchain in insurance, meanwhile, we also communicated with other Insurtech companies and insurance blockchain companies in the Asia Pacific region, expecting to reach a cooperation in the future.

Ⅱ. Market

From May 8th to 14th, the overall trading volume of INSUR in secondary market has reached 2.876 billion and 410 million average daily trading volume. Thereinto, the trading volume of INSUR/BTC, INSUR/ETH and INSUR/USDT on OKEx have reached 112, 207 and 90.8 million respectively.

Ⅲ. Technical Development

V2.0 Progress
*Evaluating development cycles;
*Evaluating UI design

Rules and requirements for Withdrawal
*First and second KYC verification passed;
*Fund password set;
*Withdrawal address set;
*Gas for withdrawal: 1000 INSUR
*The minimum withdrawal amount: 500INSUR;
*Active users in recent three days can enjoy withdraw service first.

InsurChain BlockChain
Technical whitepaper is under review, and is estimated to be released soon after.

Server test optimization

Ⅳ. Community

Community data update:
Telegram: members (26652)
Weibo: subscribers (1434)
Wechat assistant: friends (1434)
Twitter: subscribers (6198)

InsurChain official channels:
Twitter: @InsurChain
Weibo: @InsurChain
Wechat Assistant account: InsurChain or InsurWallet
Wechat official account: insur666

Ⅴ. Others
We are still recruiting HR, blockchain developers and smart contract developers. If you are interested in InsurChain and capable of doing the aforementioned tasks, you can contact our Wechat Assistant to learn more as well as inquiring about the recruitment or send your resume to