InsurChain Weekly Report (Jun 26th – Jul 2nd)

Business & Cooperation

1. Beta App Data Progress

Beta App active user: 82 thousand, full web hashrate: 405.25 million

* Insur test network “super node” plan is marching on, there are 9 super nodes has passed the primary election and enter into voting stage, which includes INSUR-Sky,LinkVC、Bangshi Capital and etc.

2. InsurChain test network will be launched on July 8, and the project technical team has gone to Tokyo for closed development.

InsurChain project test network has been confirmed to launch on July 8 (Insurance Promotion Day). On June 25, InsurChain’s multi-location project technical teams have gathered in Tokyo for closed development to make the final preparation for the online launch and operation of the test network.

3. InsurChian strategic cooperation with multiple agencies
On June 30, InsurChain officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the insurance business sector of Loco Hong Kong Holdings Limited. The two sides will work jointly on insurance technology, block chain, big data and artificial intelligence, to promote the application of insurance technology in the global coverage.

One of silicon valley’s top international investment project incubators Plug and Play (PnP), who has once spawned PayPal, Google, Lending Club, Dropbox and etc, have selected InsurChian out of hundreds of applied programs in its InsurTech zones, offering incubating & accelerating in Tokyo for three months. This cooperation will rapidly and vigorously boost the advanced model of insurance block chain, integrate global innovation resources, and obtain more opportunities for further collaboration.

4. INSUR essay activities in full swing

Subject area: insurance, block chain, InsurChain
Content form: unlimited;
Number of words: 500 words or more, non-poetry;
Please send your article to mailbox:
We have received some articles successively. InsurChain team will screen and select the articles and set corresponding awards.

2. Community Partners Project

InsurChain community alliance plan goes in smooth progress, and the community continues to grow and expand with the joint efforts of all members. The awards for each group admin have been handed out last week.

1. Older group admins guide the new: The new group admin starts to build a community through the introduction of the old admin. The old admin helps to build up the community and takes responsibility to provide relevant materials and guidance for the new admin. Both admins will be put on records in the team.
2. Group building rules: Add InsurChain assistant, and remark “group admin apply”, or by the introduction of other old group admins; Build a community and invite new users; Invite team management members into the group; Cross the InsurChain group admin training camp threshold, the number of community reaches 100.
3. Group manager revenue rule: group manager can be awarded for completing team tasks, passing team review, and inviting nodes.
There is a lot of work to be done, and we have made some changes to the rules of the community, so that the members who have made progress in promoting the community can get more benefits.
4. Super node reward rules: according to the calculation of semi-annual dividend of 300 million INSUR within 11 super nodes, the annual return rate is 54.5%. When the proportion of node dividend is 100%, the return rate of voters is consistent with that of nodes.
Total number of votes of nodes = number of locked positions of his own + number of votes by others’ locked positions
Monthly return rate = the total number of rewards/lock-positions required by the system of current month.

3. Market

6.19-6.25, the trading volumes of INSUR reached 2.65 billion and 380 million daily trade. Among all the trading, the trading volume of INSUR/BTC, INSUR/ETH and INSUR/USDT on OKEx reached 149, 83 and 147 million respectively.

4. Technical Development

1. InsurBox App
InsurBox App the initial beta version will release in mid-to-late of July.

2. InsurChain put forward “synergy trusted computing” technology

“Synergy trusted computing” model will be implemented to solve the problem of DApps. Insurance blockchain project InsurChain is one of the world’s first industry public chains to put forward “synergy trusted computing”, setting up a general logic layer between the underlying chain and DApps, to separate the smart contract execution from the consensus mechanism of public blockchains, for the sake of high-performance, privacy-protective, highly programmable intelligent contracts. This technology will soon be in place to address blockchain information security problems from the bottom up.

5. Community

Community data update:
Telegram: members (24677)
Twitter: subscribers (6031)
Weibo: subscribers (1544)
Wechat assistant: friends (2971)

InsurChain official channels:
Twitter: @InsurChain
Weibo: @InsurChain
Wechat Assistant account: InsurChain or InsurWallet
Wechat official account: insur666