InsurChain Weekly Report (Jul. 10th – Jul. 16th)

Business & Cooperation

  1. InsurBox Update

Data for this week: Weekly Active User: 84 thousand, Daily Active User: 48 thousand, Hashpower: 414.79 million.

As the testnet, mainnet and node strategy are being launched one by one, mining will exit InsurWallet. Coming after will be a brand new InsurBox with more new actions.


*InsurChain is pursuing its goal of enabling insurance industry. For now, InsurChain testnet has implemented functions like uploading policy paper onto chain. Every detail from policy paper and sales record can be transparently and immutably put on chain.

Up until now, institutions that have applied for premium nodes include TopMDRT, Link VC, Bangshi Capital and Loco Hong Kong Holdings.


  1. InsurChain mainnet testnet formally launched


InsurChain testnet formally launched on July 9th and InsurChain blockchain browser and test version wallet have also been released. InsurChain block production rate is one block every 3 seconds. Up until now, there have been 309,963 blocks produced.


InsurChain node campaign is in motion, there will be no more than 11 premium nodes selected. InsurChain has already released functions like uploading policy paper onto chain. Every detail from policy paper and sales record can be transparently and immutably put on chain.


  1. InsurChain mentioned in Industry Report for Smart Insurance 2018


Industry Report for Smart Insurance 2018 is released by InsurTech media InsurView. With its innovative Collaborative Trusted Computing technology addressing security and trust issues in insurance, InsurChain was featured as an innovative project in this report.


  1. InsurChain partners with TopMDRT and Newtank Tech


InsurChain has made a strategic partnership with agent enabling tool TopMDRT and will start cooperation among areas such as insurance products and services. In the meanwhile, TopMDRT will apply for InsurChain premium node.

InsurChain has announced a strategic partnership with Newtank Tech today. InsurChain is trying to build a blockchain-based ecosystem for insurance industry, while Newtank Tech is an InsurTech startup providing customer acquisition and professional marketing services for insurance companies and has built long-term cooperation with multiple insurers and banks in China. InsurChain and Newtank Tech will establish their partnership in distributed data storage for policy papers and jointly address industry issues in traditional insurance, such as data loss, misread on policy paper data, lengthy processing etc.


  1. Project progress


  1. InsurBox API development and debug finished. Beta version will be launching soon.
  2. InsurBox first test version will be launched on July 18th.


Community Partners Project


Community Partners Project is a long-term project to improve InsurChain community. If you are interested in participating, you can add InsurChain customer assistant to ask for more information. Each group leader will be rewarded with INSUR if he delivers contributions.


Group leader will be awarded every month according to performances such as user amount, activity etc.



Last week, the trading volumes of INSUR reached 3.843 billion and 549 million daily trade. Among all the trading, the trading volume of INSUR/BTC, INSUR/ETH and INSUR/USDT on OKEx reached 159, 68 and 321 million respectively.




Community data update:

Telegram: members (24032)

Twitter: subscribers (6031)

Weibo: subscribers (1565)

Wechat assistant: friends (3023)


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