Progress on InsurChain2.0 upgrade

Up until 19:30 pm on August 5th(UTC/GMT+8), InsurChain team has successfully implemented the mapping for InsurChain2.0 and transferred all digital assets from old to new for all addresses which has more than 0.01 USD worth of assets. The whole process took 3 and half hours and no accidents occured.

The address for upgraded InsurChain2.0 smart contract:


Now users can check their new tokens in the wallet and old tokens have been permenantly nullified.

INSUR in imtoken will be automatically upgraded and symbol stays as INSUR. The old INSUR symbol will be changed into INSUR_Old and be hidden. Users can search for it to check. Other wallets like MEW need users to input the new address to see new token.

InsurChain team will report the upgrade result to exchanges and ask for the reopen of deposit/withdraw. We will also upgrade in real time to inform users about the progress on exchanges, please wait with patience.