InsurChain Weekly Report (Jul. 31st – Aug. 6th)

Business & Cooperation
1. InsurBox Update
Data for this week: Weekly Active User: 67 thousand, average use time: 20% increase

*InsurChain is committed to building a brand new insurance ecosystem through blockchain.

2. P2P Insurance Dapp will soon be launched

P2P Insurance Dapp – Spark P2P will be launched this week.

Spark P2P will leverage blockchain to address the problems in traditional insurance in an innovative way. In the meantime, it will introduce a mining incentive mechanism which will let users get dividends continuously. Spark P2P is also transparent and easy-to-get involved. It will impact people’s lives in a positive way.

3. InsurChain Ethereum smart contract upgrade

InsurChain mainnet testnet has been launched on July 8th and been running steadily. To improve user experience and better support future mainnet mapping, we have upgraded InsurChain Ethereum smart contract since 00:00 (GMT+8) on Aug 6th, 2018. New contract will be named InsurChain2.0 and symbol will stay as INSUR. Total supply and precision keep unchanged.

Up until 3:30 am on August 6th, InsurChain team has successfully implemented the mapping for InsurChain2.0 and transferred all digital assets from old to new for all addresses which has more than 0.01 USD worth of assets. The whole process took 3 and half hours and no accidents occurred. Mapping in those addresses with less than 0.01 USD worth of assets is estimated to be completed today.

INSUR in imtoken will be automatically upgraded and symbol stays as INSUR. The old INSUR symbol will be changed into INSUR_Old and be hidden. Users can search for it to check. Other wallets like MEW need users to input the new address to see new token.

InsurChain team will report the upgrade result to exchanges and ask for the reopen of deposit/withdraw. We will also upgrade in real time to inform users about the progress on exchanges. Please do not make transactions until you have seen the notice from exchanges.

Latest upgrade information:

Community Partners Project

Community Partners Project is a long-term project to improve InsurChain community. If you are interested in participating, you can add InsurChain customer assistant to ask for more information. Each group leader will be rewarded with INSUR if he delivers contributions.

Group leader will be awarded every month according to performances such as user amount, activity etc.

Last week, the trading volumes of INSUR reached 1.731 billion and 247 million daily trade. Among all the trading, the trading volume of INSUR/BTC, INSUR/ETH and INSUR/USDT on OKEx reached 72, 33 and 143 million respectively.


Community data update:
Telegram: members (23376)
Twitter: subscribers (5943)
Weibo: subscribers (1572)
Wechat assistant: friends (3163)

InsurChain official channels:
App link:
Twitter: @InsurChain
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Wechat Assistant account: InsurChain or InsurWallet
Wechat official account: insur666
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