InsurChain Weekly Report (Sep. 4th – Sep. 10th)

Business & Cooperation


  1. InsurBox data update

Data for this week: Weekly Active User: 56.1 thousand, Daily Active User: 36.7 thousand.


InsurChain is a decentralized insurance blockchain platform, committed to building a peer-to-peer insurance market and ensuring the normal operation of this insurance market through a series of rules and mechanisms, and striving to become the world’s largest decentralized insurance blockchain ecosystem.


  1. Prediction Master launched in InsurBox


The Prediction Master is a social forecasting platform based on InsurChain, which includes film, sports, finance, gossip, and other blockchain-related aspects. Players can buy the corresponding predicted results based on their own judgment and divide the rewards in the prize pool after the event.


Users can subscribe the public account of Prediction Master in WeChat as well as in Dapp.


With the arrival of various types of Dapp, we will continue to encourage the community to launch more and more blockchain applications, enriching the ecosystem of InsurChain through various products and creating the value by technology.




InsurChain testnet was launched on July 8th. And we are improving the codes and setups every day.


Updates & Optimizations from last week:

  1. Added multi-layer signature. It can prevent and eliminate manipulation during the process of signing a contract. When a contract is being signed, InsurChain will require confirmations from multiple parties. The signing process will be confirmed only if all the parties have reached a consensus. The signing data will be recorded on chain and is immutable.
  2. Using asymmetric encryption to protect private information.
  3. Adjusted for a better implementation of insurance businesses.
  4. Contracts can be called through contract ID.


Optimizations for this week

  1. Updating signature search to match multi-layer signatures.
  2. Adding a variable for insurance characters. It will be used in smart contract signing and auto claims.



Community Partners Project


The weekly review of group leaders has been completed and rewards been delivered. InsurChain Community Partners Project is always an important part of our mission. And the recruit is still ongoing.


How to become a partner: Add InsurChain assistant and send a message “Group leader participation”.


Besides, the campaign for standard node is also ongoing. You can add assistant to know more.




Last week, the trading volumes of INSUR reached 3.336 billion and 477 million daily trade. Among all the trading, the trading volume of INSUR/BTC, INSUR/ETH and INSUR/USDT on OKEx reached 135, 103 and 238 million respectively.




Community data update:

Telegram: members (22126)

Twitter: subscribers (5753)

Weibo: subscribers (1580)

Wechat assistant: friends (3246)


InsurChain official channels:


Twitter: @InsurChain

Weibo: @InsurChain


Wechat Assistant account: InsurChain or InsurWallet

Wechat official account: insur666